Wayward Raven Media at Big Apple Con 2015!

Big Apple Con 2015

Damn Heroes tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Hey Folks! Wayward Raven Media will be at the Big Apple Con 2015, Saturday March 7th from 10am - 7 Pm at Penn Pavilion Plaza across the street from Madison Square Garden. Come check out our booth and meet the creators of Horseman, Signed, The Ascendant and Damn Heroes. Don't forget to ask us how you can get a free print of our most recent Damn Heroes strip honoring Leonard Nimoy.

New to us, or haven't check out our books yet?

Well this would be a perfect time to come down and meet us! We will also be featuring Kira Scarlett who will be cosplaying as C from Signed C: The Missing!

Kira Scarlett as Cee from Signed C at Big Apple Con 2015

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 New from Wayward Raven!

Already a fan and excited about what we have coming out soon? Check out these inks and pencils for our upcoming  Singed C #3!

Singed C #3 Cover
Page 1 Inked

Bleeding Cool Interviews Wayward Raven At NYCC

Shawn Perry of Bleeding Cool stopped by to talk to us at our booth at NYCC. We showed off some brand new books like Percy and our first compilation of Damn Heroes. Then we talk Myth, Magic and Mayhem and our sorceress C from Signed C: the missing. Victor De Leon gets some great teaser shots of the artwork! We even chatted a bit about our experience at NYCC (spoiler alert: we had a great time!). Hope you'll take a peek!

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For the full article, go read Bleeding Cool: Spotlight on Indie Comics

-The Wayward Raven Crew

Self Publisher Magazine Features Wayward Raven

Issue 79 of Self Publisher Magazine features a nice piece about Wayward Raven. Our CEO Mark C. Frankel sits down with Steve Pennella to talk about comic creation, conventions, and what it is like to run a small press. The issue takes readers from the company's inception to some key moments along the way and finally finishes with a bit about our books. Self Publisher Magazine #79 - Featuring Wayward Raven

CTO Alex Sapountzis and Editor-in-Chief Joshua L.A. Jones get the opportunity to chime in as well and offer insight into our growing business. Jokes are made, advice is offered and a nice discount is given if the reader is brave enough to stay through the whole thing. Hope you'll take a peek!

Also, be sure to visit Self Publisher Magazine's website. Tell 'em we sent you!

-The Wayward Raven Crew



Electric City Nerds talks Heroes Con

So I'm standing on the line at Bojangles (a guilty pleasure whenever I'm in the south) in the Heroes Con Food Court, and I get to talking to some of the others on line, as I am a social nerd. Turns out I was on the line with some podcasters, Electric City Nerds, to be exact. Beau and Matt were very cool to talk to while I waited for my fried chicken deliciousness. They were nice enough to come by our booth afterwards and gave us a quick interview.

We're at 37:11

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More Hartford Comic Con 2014 Press Coverage

So we must have made an impression with the Hartford Comic Con 2014 press, because we got a lot of reviews and interviews rolling in. See if you can spot us (or the artist of the Horsemen #2 cover, Matt Fletcher) at Strange Kids Club Photo Round up

Mark even did a Q & A with Strange Kids Club, answering the question of What makes you a strange kid? Personally, I say it's his middle name. Cindy is a strange name for man.

Juanos Addiction also had a chat with Mark. Here's what he had to say in Weird Tales from Cons Gone By