Self Publisher Magazine Features Wayward Raven

Issue 79 of Self Publisher Magazine features a nice piece about Wayward Raven. Our CEO Mark C. Frankel sits down with Steve Pennella to talk about comic creation, conventions, and what it is like to run a small press. The issue takes readers from the company's inception to some key moments along the way and finally finishes with a bit about our books. Self Publisher Magazine #79 - Featuring Wayward Raven

CTO Alex Sapountzis and Editor-in-Chief Joshua L.A. Jones get the opportunity to chime in as well and offer insight into our growing business. Jokes are made, advice is offered and a nice discount is given if the reader is brave enough to stay through the whole thing. Hope you'll take a peek!

Also, be sure to visit Self Publisher Magazine's website. Tell 'em we sent you!

-The Wayward Raven Crew