Bundle Packs and Free PDF? It's Wayward Wednesday!

It’s hard to fly with new wings, so Wayward Raven Media created Wayward Wednesday to get the word out about our stories and lift the spirits of comic book fans everywhere with special offers that change every week. Together, we can get lofty. Deals for November 5th:

Special offer #1

Ascendant - Mark C. FrankelHalloween has passed, all the demons are back in the pit and the ghosts are back in their crypts, but we are resurrecting the ghoulish fun by giving you issue one of The Ascendant... for FREE!

There is far more in store for the demon duke Cail as he travels through Italy with a damned doctor and blind priestess while trying to vanquish immortal enemies. Now you can get into the story now with no strings attached! FYI, issue three will coming soon but you can get your free copy of The Ascendant #1 right now. Limited time offer.

At the stroke of midnight, the offer passes into the nether realms.

Get Ascendant #1 FREE






Special Offer #2

Crazy Convention Deal… but better.

SquareAt every comic book convention, we try to offer deals and make the event a bit more special for all who cross our flight path. Normally, we offer six comic books for $25 and a couple prints of sequential art from the books. Since we can’t get to every con, or meet every person, we decided to do one better online. Much better.

For today only, we are offering you six comic books (issues #1-2 of The Ascendant, Horsemen and Signed), three prints of sequential art from the books, and the comic books will be bagged, boarded, and signed by the authors for the low, low price of $19.99. That’s right. $19.99. Crazy indeed.

Let me say that again. Six comic books that are bagged, boarded, and signed for $19.99. Included are the three prints of sequential art so you can see what the process of making a comic book looks like from an insider’s point of view. Deal ends at midnight. Limited offer to the first 100 people. Get it while you can. Soar with the ravens and give boring the bird.

Buy 6 books for $19.99




Give boring the bird and take flight with Wayward Raven!

Ars longa, vitae brevis,

The Wayward Raven Crew