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We're very proud of our character-driven stories. Each of these titles are limited series, as in once they're done, they're done! Every series is intended to have a beginning, middle and end. That's it!

Signed C: The Complete Trade

In the big city, young women fall prey to foul plots every day but few have a sorceress watching out for them. When a model disappears, her talent agent searches the known realms and in the process uncovers a plot that could undo the very order of the cosmos. Even magic might not be enough to prevail over her ancient foes. C: the missing follows Ceecee as she tracks down her missing client through myth, magic and mayhem.

Contains issues 1-6 of Signed C: The Missing

Signed C: The Missing - The Complete Trade
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Saved from a failed past and given a second chance at life, The Horsemen are intergalactic warriors and champions of peace engaged in a crusade against a nemesis who desires to bring all of existence under their tyranny.

Conquered civilizations corrupted by this enemy of freedom, lose not just their ability to choose but even their very color in a dominion of black and white.

Outnumbered and losing ground in their ancient battle,
The Horsemen face a new and deadly tactic that threatens to tear them apart.



The Ascendant

In an epic battle in Rome, the escaped Duke of Hell named Cail struggles against the demon Halstein but cannot vanquish the juggernaut. Cail calls upon the infamous Dr. Faustus for help and is taken on a dark journey through the Eternal City before a final showdown.

The Ascendant: Bundle Pack
11.99 15.00

Bundles issues 1, 2 and 3!

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The Committee

The Clock has begun its countdown to the end of days. Can The Committee discover its secrets and prevent the apocalypse? The little group of humans, mystics and even an alien find themselves beset upon on all sides and time is running out.
Tick, tock! 

The Committee #1 & #2 Bundle Pack
6.99 7.99

Get Issues #1 and #2 of The Committee

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One Shots !

No need to worry about the next issue. Each of these is a self contained, single issue, story!


One-shot by Joshua L.A. Jones

In this tale of space oddity, humans mine Helium 3 from gas giant planets throughout their inter-stellar colonies, and though plentiful, it drives their economies. Balloon-World space stations are placed in the upper atmospheres of He3 rich planets where hyper-velocity winds swirl and rampage. A human crew tends to the gas collection, administration, and external repairs of the hull called the Skin. A sleep-cheat and a daydreaming doctor must solve a mystery when the Wind-Striders, who repair the Skin, disappear and a deadly A.L.F. (alien life form) begins to attack. They must resolve the problematic equation or lose time, life, and worst of all for the corporate sponsors, money. A late second discovery is infused into the turmoil and a terrible choice must be made.

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The Cycle

One Shot!

The universe is dying, collapsing in upon itself. The last two sentient beings in the cosmos arrive just in time to observe the final stages of its demise. As scientists, they view it clinically, but what if there is more here than entropy and decay? What if there remains a spark of creation? What if they can halt the seemingly inevitable collapse of all existence? 

A daunting task indeed for two mere humans...

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Hefewatzit Shirt

One of our most popular items is our home-brewed Hefeweissen. It's so popular in fact that we've decided to make a shirt for fans of the beer.

Wear it proudly as a lover of indie comics and craft beer!

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NERD - Dr. Who


Are you the kind of person who notices little details? Do you crave fish sticks and custard after a long day? Does the thought of a Jadoon Platoon upon the Moon excite you?

Well, you might just be the kind of person who would wear this shirt!

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Deadpool & Princess Peach T-Shirt

Sorry Mario, but your princess is in my castle!

Deadpool is always breaking the fourth wall, and taking whatever he damn well pleases. So it's no surprise that he'd eventually set his eyes on the Mushroom Kingdom's most eligible bachelorette.

Drawn by Alex Sapountzis, artist of Damn Heroes and inspired by his love of all things Nintendo and Deadpool.

Deadpool and Princess Peach are properties of Marvel and Nintendo, respectively. Images used in this product are works of parody and are not associated in any way with the respective owners of these characters.

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Children’s Books

Percy - A Children's Adventure

Percy is a sirrush. Just what is a sirrush? In truth, even Percy himself doesn’t know, but he is determined to find out. Join the noble Percy as he goes on a quest across many lands and encounters interesting characters as he attempts to find others like himself.

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For Big Kids!

Five years of community service in Hero City is more like five hundred. Just ask Sebastian. After going five miles over the speed limit, that was his sentence. Now he has to find a way to survive being the only normal person in a city of wacky heroes. His parole officer is the world preeminent (yet none to bright) superhero, his landlord is the city's greatest nemesis, and every day the tasks get worse. Get ready to meet giant green chickens, create the worst clones ever and be the entertainment at the home for retired (yet incredibly spry) superheroes.

Damn Heroes Bundle Pack
29.99 36.00

Get all 3 volumes at a discount with the Damn Heroes bundle pack.

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