Imagine a world where the gods didn't die out...
...they got day jobs!

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Who is C?

In the big city, young women fall prey to foul plots every day but few have a sorceress watching out for them. When a model disappears, her talent agent searches the known realms and in the process uncovers a plot that could undo the very order of the cosmos. Even magic might not be enough to prevail over her ancient foes. C: the missing follows Ceecee as she tracks down her missing client through myth, magic and mayhem.


Signed C: The Missing is a mythological detective story where the gods of Ancient Greece continue to play their games with the lives of mortals in the modern day.

As one of the first stories penned by Mark C. Frankel and Joshua L.A. Jones, it's been a long labor of love to bring this story to our readers. Our mantra at Wayward Raven is "Dead is Dead and Done is Done" and nothing exemplifies this as much as Signed C: The Missing. It's our first, complete trade, collecting all 6 issues of the limited series, illustrated in painstaking detail by Wayne A. Brown, with colors by Martin Silva and Chunlin Zhao, and letters by Carey Kelly and Taylor Esposito


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