Ode to the Hulk, a poem in green.

Was inspired by Alex's drawing the other day at WinterCon so I wrote Ode to the Hulk, a poem in green. Sure it's a bit whimsy and not actually a poem to rival Dylan Thomas, but fun is fun, and if you really look, there's another layer beneath.  

The Hulk Plaid by Alexander Sapountzis

Ode to the Hulk, a poem in green.

Oh Hulk,

oh how you SMASH

with such ease

and sophistication.

Oh Hulk,

oh why so MAD

dost nothing please

thy constitution.

Oh Hulk,

oh what you wear

with no seams

a purple revelation.

Oh Hulk,

oh when you clap

does it deem

a pure approbation.

Is it all

a play

performance art,

a word on socially de-constructed



Oh Hulk,

does Hulk



Hulk can?

Forever green

Forever SMASH

Forever forsaking

we puny humans.

By Joshua Lee Andrew Jones

Ars longa, viate brevis.

Also, if you like Alex's sketch, you can purchase his artwork from the Wayward Raven Shop or read Damn Heroes.

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