WinterCon 2014: comic books and gambling fun

Greetings and salutations, The outrageous fortune of 2014 comes to a close, the convention season is in the wind down, but we will be at WinterCon 2014 in Queens, NY on December 6th with fun comic books and more to sling as some of you can go a' gambling. That's right. It's at the Resorts World Casino

Beyond just comic books, but that's enough for us, there will be cosplay by the likes of Yaya Han and Jennifer Rose. Nut if you're just in it for the comics, there are some fantastic guests besides us: Neal Adams , Frank Tieri , Billy Tucci, Herb trimpe, Bob Camp and Jim Salicrup to name but a few.

If you need any tips on attending comic book conventions, we got wrote a list on how to survive

So come for the comic books and head to the slots and blackjack tables when you feet get weary. You never know what luck may fall upon you but we'd feel quite lucky if you happened to stop our table.

Here's some items we'll have with us:

Ascendant - Mark C. Frankel
This guy will be here. Watch out, he bites!

Hope you come down and see us. Check the convention's website for information on free shuttles from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Be safe and have fun.

Ars longa, vitae brevis.