All done, Winter Con 2014. Hello 2015

Hello, we are all done with the convention scene this year, Winter Con 2014 in Queens was the last, and we're excited to get planning for 2015. We have not made up the whole list yet but we plan on going to at least two new cons in 2015. We will, of course, be at NYCC and Boston Comic Con. It was an up and down year but we got new books out: Signed #2, Horsemen #2, Percy, and the Damn Heroes strip book. All of which you can see here->

Up for next year, we will introduce the new series The Committee by James Emmett. Very excited for this. Also, we will have new issue of The Ascendant, Horsemen, and Signed, along with a one-shot called Balloon World but hopefully much more. As for our adventures in children's books, one titled Morty is being illustrated by Alex, but we hope to include two more books and we are open to illustrator/author submissions as well.

Also, if there are any conventions you'd like us to attend on the east coast, please feel free to mention them to us via Twitter @waywardraven or comment below.

This isn't our last post of the year by any means but we do want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

Now for what you want, photos of Winter Con 2014 and cosplay.

2014-12-06 16.30.50
2014-12-06 11.58.18
2014-12-06 13.05.52
2014-12-06 17.08.23
2014-12-06 17.33.21
2014-12-06 17.48.40
2014-12-06 16.08.16

Okay, that last one is from NYCC but it deserves to be posted again.