Geek Cast Live Wins Indiana Comic Con 2015

So this past weekend was Indiana Comic Con 2015, and we decided to challenge our buddies at Geek Cast Live to our first ever, Con Challenge. The trio were crushing it this weekend! Check out some of these tweets from the show!

The Breakdown

Challenge: Give a Storm Trooper a Hug - Winner Rob Bass

While all three contestants entered into this, Robb is the clear winner for his proper use of duck face.

Challenge: Offer your armies and support to Daenerys Targaryen for marriage - Winner Rob Bass

I was honestly expecting someone to get their head lobbed off for this one, but Robb managed to sway the savage heart of our beloved Khaleesi.

Challange: Ask Darth Vader "How's the wife?" - Winner Ry

Ry showed a lot of class consoling Lord Vader in his time of woe. You're a mensch Ry, a mensch.

Bonus Challenge: Share an Orphan Joke with Batman - Winner Rob Bass

I guess Batman has been hanging out with the Joker a bit too much lately. He actually smiled!

The Winner

Based on the rules of the contest, Robb Bass is the clear winner. Proposing to Daenerys put him on the map, but it was the bonus Orphan Joke with Batman that made him a winner. Not to be outdone, Ry was a contender, outmatching Robb's challenges with shear volume (See below) of random cosplay photos.

Technically speaking, Ry should have been disqualified, since he clearly had a chance to pull off the epic bonus challenge, Call Jason Mamoa "Sea Man" or "Aqualad" and failed to do so. While we will not suffer a coward, this is a pretty bitchin' photo op, so we'll let it slide.

But wait, there's more!

In case you were wondering, @assholesatcons is our new twitter account, specifically for these con challenges. Whenever there's a convention happening, we're going to be tweeting con challenges through this account. Tag @assholesatcons with your photos or videos of whatever shenanigans you get up to, and you can win prizes.

While none of the following images counted towards our con challenge, I'd like to include them to show you what kind of fun we have at conventions and shows. We welcome everyone to start sending us your con photos and show us how much fun you're having, being an asshole at a con!