Wayward Raven Website Redesign Party

Your birdbrained buddies at Wayward Raven have completely redesigned their website! We’re made a major overhaul to our web presence so that our fans can enjoy a clean, fresh site they have so long deserved. And because we think that’s a big deal, we’re throwing a party!

Delicious and moist

Delicious and moist

We’re breaking out the streamers, balloons, and cake (and Mark probably has a couple bottles of his favorite Imperial Stout somewhere too) to celebrate. So what, you ask? Do we get any of that cake? As one of our fans, of course you don’t.

What, did you think we would mail you a piece of two day old stale cake? C’mon, we’re a little better than that, right? You do get to party along with us though!

In one of his less lucid moments, our CEO Mark has authorized we give everyone fifteen percent off of any book they buy from New Comic Book Day this week to New Comic Book Day next week (Wednesday (3/25) to Wednesday (4/1) for those of you who just buy books whenever you darn well feel like it)! Naturally we didn’t think that was enough, so Alex snuck behind his back created another cheat code to give you free shipping on any order over twenty bucks.

To get your own piece of digital cake, just enter these codes at checkout:

  • 6R1PB11 - Free Shipping on orders over $20
  • LXSH5WG - 15% off any order

From all of us at Wayward Raven, thanks for being a fan! Rock on and enjoy the party!

-The Wayward Raven Crew