Con Challenge #1 - Indiana Comic Con 2015

So this weekend will be the World Famous Indiana Comic Con 2015. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make it. However, our good friends, Geek Cast Live, will be attending the show. To that end, we've decided to do something special. This will mark the first ever, Assholes at Conventions Challenge (trademark pending).

Ry, Rob, Joe & Nic, we're calling you out. And hell, anyone else who is going to Indiana Comic Con. You folks can play too. Just check out the sweet prizes below!

Mission Impossible?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post a video or photo of as many of these pranks/gags as you can on social media, tagging Wayward Raven Media.

Each of the following is worth 1 point each. Multiple attempts are possible for each item (i.e. do number one five times, get five points).

  1. Sing "Let It Go" to an Elsa or an Anna
  2. Offer to "bring your your warriors to Daenerys Targaryen's cause" for her hand in marriage (bonus points for kneeling or otherwise prostrating yourself)
  3. Ask Daredevil if he can see out if his mask or how many figures you're holding up
  4. Ask Vader how is wife is doing
  5. Ask a Zombie if he/she has any Brain Poupon
  6. Call Aquaman "Sea Man"

Bonus Points - 5 Points

  • Hug a Stormtrooper/Red Shirt
  • Bonus points: Make a cosplayer break character through laughter
  • Bonus Points: See how many people you can fit into a Tardis (minimum for point is six)
  • Bonus Points: Craziest Photo or Video
  • Bonus Points: Calling Jason Mamoa "Sea man", "Aqualad" or "My Sun and Stars"

How do I win?

Mark and I will be the judge of these challenges. We are fully willing to accept bribes (yes, we are corrupt judges). This challenge is being made to the Geek Cast Live crew, but it is also open to anyone else attending the con. If any other attendee attempts or completes these challenges and gets a higher score than the Geek Cast Live crew, they get the prize.

There can only be one winner! Er, well, three...there can only be three winners!!!

The Prize

  • Grand Prize: Whoever gets the most points wins a Wayward Raven T-Shirt.
  • Second Prize: First Loser gets a signed copy of one of our comics.
  • Third Prize: Gets a picture of Mark and I laughing at you on Social Media.

Fine Print

Wayward Raven Media is not responsible for any injuries sustained or violent dismemberment that may occur when attempting these challenges, particularly those involving Jason Mamoa or Daenerys Targaryen. Please remember this is all in fun and high spirits, and no one should disrespect or harass con attendees or cosplayers. Any attempt at harassment may be punishable by the code of conduct of the convention and may be met with swift justice at the hands of Batman.