Spoiler-Free Fantastic Four Review

Welcome True Believers. I was able to recently attend the premiere of the new Fantastic Four movie and like everyone who saw it, want to share my opinion. If you've read any of our other movie reviews, you know we don't do spoilers, just tell you if we liked the movie.

Should I see it?

Only good time to sit up close to the screen is at a movie premiere

Only good time to sit up close to the screen is at a movie premiere

I'm just going to come out and say that I enjoyed it more than I expected, and I tried to avoid all the negative press that was coming out before anyone even saw the film. 

That being said, I can see why so many bloggers broke the Fox embargo and are firing shots at the movie. F4 had everything possible to make it a great super hero movie. The director worked on Chronicle. which is a personal favorite; Mathew Vaughn was attached and he's part of why Kick Ass and X-Men First Class was a great movie; the cast was on point.

So what went wrong?

Not to bash Fox, because I'm sure other bloggers will be doing that for me. However, the movie smelled of studio interference. There's several moments where it felt like things were re-written or re-shot more than necessary, and the plot takes too many turns and has to try to hard to wrap itself up by the end of the movie.

It's also trying to be too dark and gritty. The film takes a lot from the Ultimate version of Fantastic Four, which has some dark moments, but then makes them unnecessarily dark in odd ways.

More Doom and Gloom?

On the other hand, I think the movie shines when it gets light hearted, particularly in the team dynamic when they're trying to build their science project. I thought I was watching a Breakfast Club version of Real Genius.

As I've mentioned, I was a fan of the casting decisions, particularly that of Doom and Johnny Storm. Doom reminded me of engineers I've worked with, somewhat likable but egotistical. As much as I love doom in the comics, it's hard to capture that kind of character in a two hour movie and make audiences empathize. I may be biased, but Toby Kebbel nailed it. Regarding Michael B. Jordan's Johnny Storm, I think he nailed it, particularly in the interactions with his father, played by a personal favorite, Reg E. Cathey (Loved Square One!)

It's Kvetchin' Time!

One thing that bothered me immensely was the voice work for the CGI characters. I'm usually a nitpick about this, but it felt to me like once certain characters became an effect instead of an actor, the voice became a bad impression of the actor.

Remember, we had to deal with this version...It gets better

Remember, we had to deal with this version...It gets better

Lastly, the movie did feel rushed, almost as if they were busy trying to develop characters, then realized they needed to end the movie and prepare for a sequel. This seems to be a common trend in franchise movies, and only Marvel can get it right. Sorry Fox, but maybe you should work out a deal like Sony did.

Oh, and there was no Stan cameo and no after credits scene. Maybe that last part was because I was at the premiere.


- Alex "The Watcher"

TL;DR: Go see the movie, but try to get a matinee if you can. Keep your expectations low, and don't be afraid to get up and pee if you need to near the end. You won't miss much.