Spoiler-Free Ant-Man Review

Every now and again your errant birdbrain friends get a peek at a movie before the general public. When we do, we like to let you good folks know all about it. Mark is vehemently against spoilers, so don't look for us to tell you all about how Galactus threatened to eat the milky way because he mistook it for a candy bar (plus Mars bars are waaaaay better and we don't think he can eat all that in one sitting).

So back to Ant-Man. We really dug this flick. The whole idea of using an Ant-Man other than Hank Pym really struck a cord with us. Maybe it gives all you Miles Morales fans a hope to see a different webslinger on the silver screen one day soon. Throw in the whole heist vibe and we couldn't be happier with the set up.

Wait, what? Go back a sec guys - it isn't Hank wielding the Pym particles? Nope, this is all about Scott Lang, well played by Paul Rudd. Rudd does a great job of bringing not only the action and the comedy we have come to expect from a Marvel movie, but also the sympathy required of the character.

Don't worry, Pym does command a suitable part in the affair, but he does so as Rudd's mentor. Michael Douglas plays an older Pym, settling into a supporting role well. Evangeline Lily also does a fine job as Pym's daughter Hope, miles away from her TV days as Kate from Lost (seriously, we almost didn't recognize her).

And the villain? Corey Stoll does a nice job as Darren Cross (Yellowjacket), although we all agreed he may be the one weak piece of the movie. Not for his performance, but because we wish we saw more of him. He is a suitable nemesis and very believable, but with any origin story the focus needs be with our hero. Another few moments of screen time would be nice. Perhaps we will get it in the extended version next year.

As always, we recommend seeing this in 3D and possibly via IMAX (although we were just fine on a regular sized screen). We promise it is seamless.

Hey guys, just get to the point! Should I see this movie or not? Okay, okay, we'll get to the point!

Heck yeah you should see this, even if you aren't one of us fanboys/girls! This is a nice detour from the superheroes everyone knows, a solid character driven story and a journey that will suck you in immediately. If you like to laugh, crave action and want to get away from the humdrum for a bit, then march on over to your local theater and see Ant-Man. Tell 'em those wily blackbirds sent ya!

-The Wayward Raven Crew

P.S. Stay past the end credits! Trust us!