Getting ready for Boston Comic Con 2015

What are we going to do July 31st to August 2nd, Brain?

The same thing we do every year, Pinky. Exhibit at Boston Comic Con!

Want one? Stop by Table D421

Want one? Stop by Table D421

We've got some cool new shirts, artwork, and a ton of other content for you to pick up and devour. Well, don't literally eat it. DISCLAIMER: Wayward Raven Media bears no liability for upset stomach, increased libido, that tingly feeling that runs down your spine during a horror movie, or any other potential side-effect that might be caused from the consumption of our products. For more information, please call your doctor if symptoms become worse or if you know they're lonely. Doctors need friends too.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, come see us at Table D421. Say bird's the word and Josh will do a jig! Heck, we'll even give you a discount. See you at the Boston Seaport!

-The Wayward Raven Crew