Wayward Raven at Boston Comic Con 2015

One of our favorite cons is this weekend! Boston Comic Con is an extravaganza of sight and sound where some of the coolest people on Earth congregate to party down. Our excitement permeates every cell as we are honored to be there for a third year in a row.

We'll be perched at table D421 with plenty of comic books, prose, artwork, and some brand new merchandise that has never graced the floor of a convention. Hint: it is both soft and funny.  

As with any con, if one of our fans comes up and tells us "Bird's the Word," we'll do something special for you. Can't make it? That's okay, you can still get stuff on our shop. You can even get a discount by using coupon code DECIMATE.

Hope you'll swoop in and chill with us for a bit. We love meeting new fans too, so bring your friends. See you at the seaport!

-The Wayward Raven Crew