#NYCC tips and treats.

Got some #NYCC tips and treats for you.

First off, we will be at a new location this year at New York Comic Con. It’s booth 1070. Nicely located on a corner in between Marvel and Crunchyroll.

NYCC tips

1) Hydrate before you enter. No one likes paying exorbitant prices for convention water or RedBull. These added costs take away from your comic book purchasing power and no one likes that.

2) Use the NYCC app or website to set up a schedule. Pop those reminders in in your calendar or what have you so you don’t miss out on your favorite panels or events. Never fun to miss out because you find yourself pondering wooden figurines of Luke Skywalker or Frodo.

3) Take breaks. Set up definite times and places. Even though it is October, it is still hot outside and in the Javits Center. All those bodies giving off BTU’s ups the stress. No one wants heatstroke.

4) Bring Purell or handi-wipes. The bathroom often run out of soap or use those repulsive air dryers. Clean hand keep the con crud away. Con crud ruins a nice weekend to be sure.

5) Check out the indy creators. They will offer new and exciting stuff you might not see on comic shop shelves yet.

6) Save some cash for Sunday. It is bargain day when vendors and small presses will offer deep discounts because they don’t want to haul as much stuff home. [We do this].

NYCC treats

1) We will have an all new graphic novel out. Horsemen is done.

2) A special guest will be at the booth. He is a Wayward Raven associate now and will have some products that will literally get you stoked.

3) We will have complimentary gits for those who purchase certain items. They are collectible but also practical gifts. Tasty too.

4) Got a new grab bag type item. Mystery t-shirts for $10. Yup, normally we sell t-shirts for $20. Not anymore.

5) We will now begin posting images and photos of visitors to our booth on our social media platforms if requested. Just ask.

SO, that’s all folks. We are at booth 1070 and will try our best to treat you to a good time.

BTW, here’s a link to the show floor map. https://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/Sitemap/

Later in time,

The Wayward Raven crew.