Boston Bound. Fan Expo Boston 2019. Book debut.

Bound for Fan Expo Boston 2019.

Our annual trip up to Boston comes on wave of hot days where the cool setting of Fan Expo Boston refreshes our comic book souls.

We will have copies of Horsemen, the finished story. First time ever to be bought and signed by the authors.

At booth 1102 in the vendor section.

LIMITED SUPPLY!!! Only 24 copies will be for sale at the booth. First come, first serve.

The Horsemen ride through the stars on a cosmic journey!!!

The Horsemen ride through the stars on a cosmic journey!!!


Craft Beer and comic book fun.

As per our arrangement with the forces of chaos, Mark will bring a batch of his craft beer alchemy to the show for those of you inclined to sip the beers most craft. Or chug. We do not judge.

Of course, we will have bottles. As they are collectibles. For those 21 and older. (NOT for Sale) (They are complimentary with a certain purchase)

Copy of Electric Jellyfish

Comic books, art, and witty report.

At booth 1102, we will have one-shot comics, graphic novels, special “mystery” items, and the art of Alex.

Alex will be available for commissions as well. Just stop on by and challenge him with unique ideas.

And as always, come by to chat about anything. Well, not anything. Animal husbandry and analytical theory of the works by Rick Astley are not our strong suit.

If upon the midday bright, strolling the lanes and alleys of Fan Expo Boston, we do hope you consider stopping by 1102 in the vendor section. In a barricade of long boxes and dollar comics, we will have new and original works we’d like to share with you.

Thanks to you,

The Wayward Crew.

Guests include: Peter Capaldi, Zachary Levi, Greg Capullo, and for some reason John Travolta, who I never read about doing cons before.