F.I.T. NYC and Rhode Island Comic Con

F.I.T.— NYC— and We.

Autumn falls sometimes with grace and sometimes right on its face. We are in a new season, not of discontent, but undiscovered country and horizons abounding with an invigorating dawn.

This Friday, we will be at The Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) for Diversity Comic Con. October 25th to be exact. Organized by the wonderful Ramon GIl, this cornucopia of creators and comics will have a keynote speaker of renown, Roz Chast. Don’t miss out!

Guest include Jamar Nicholas, Amy Chu, Jon Roscetti, Gina Gagliano, Paul Kupperberg, Gamal Hennessy, and many more. And of course, we’ll be there.

It will be diversity of thought and creativity so please come by if in NYC.


Cee is a talent agent and sorceress in NYC, so we thought she might want to visit F.I.T.

Cee is a talent agent and sorceress in NYC, so we thought she might want to visit F.I.T.


RICC or Rhode Island Comic Con is upon us soon.

On the first weekend of November, 1-3, we will be making our way to Providence in the great state of Rhode Island. Never exhibited at this con before so we hope to make a good impression. Sold out of Signed and Horsemen trades at NYCC but we replenished our stocks. Buy one of these books at the convention discount price and we will include a complimentary gift. You’ll just need to swing by to find out. It will be worth your time.

Plus, you can go meet Drak, Frodo and Captain Jack.

Lots of awesome comic book creators too like Denny O’Neil, Jan Duursema, and Danny Fingeroth. Plus, we’ll be there obviously and our good friend Sebastian Bonet.

We’ll post our booth number and such on the socials but feel free to email us if you need any info.


2017-07-19 17.30.04.jpg
The Horsemen ride to Providence!!!

The Horsemen ride to Providence!!!