Bold Game of Thrones predictions: season 8

Top 5 prediction for Game of Thrones season 8

These are fun speculations from Joshua, Alex, and Mark about the final season. Outlandish as they might be, you never know. Each of us will present our top five.


Josh’s Predictions

  1. A dragon will lay an egg. Probably not Drogon but it could be. The egg will be secreted away to Essos.

  2. Tyrion will die and Arya will put on his face. This will allow her to sneak up to Cersei and kill her with the Valyrian steel dagger.

  3. Cersei will be the Night Queen in all her icy form after marrying the Night King; hence, the need for Arya’s dagger.

  4. Gendry designs a new prosthetic for Jamie Lannister. It will be made from the Valyrian steel sword (once a part of the Stark’s great-sword Ice) and fashioned into two long lion claws so he can have his fighting abilities back.

  5. Just when the Golden Company arrives and turns the tide of battle in Cersei’s favor, the Dornish jump into the fray lead by one of the last Sandsnakes along with the Second Son’s being lead by Daario.


Alex’s Predictions

  1. Cersei will have Jaime executed, or do the deed herself. I really think that Jaime’s undoing will be trusting his sister. Although, I can also see Jaime being the one to finally kill Cersei. Maybe they’ll die together? I don’t know. I’m bad at this.

  2. The Hound will sacrifice himself to take out The Mountain. Possibly involving fire and maybe saving Arya or Sansa. Although, I’m still holding out that the Hound is R'hllor reborn, though I have no evidence to back this up.

  3. Hodor drops a post-humous rap album titled Holdin’ Da Door. It goes platinum. This is the most likely prediction as Kristian Nairn is a musician.

  4. We’ll finally find out that Tyrion is the third true Targaryen, his father being the Mad King.

  5. Tyrion sits on the Iron Throne, or becomes the Lord of Casterly Rock. I have no basis in this, but I want to see it happen.

  6. I generally don’t know what I’m talking about, nor am I a reliable predictor. I also don’t follow rules.

  7. We will never see Winds of Winter within our lifetime.

OK, onto Mark. I’m done with my derailing.


Mark’s Predictions*

  1. GRRM will appear after the end credits (a la Marvel) and finally own up to never having any intention of finishing the books. Then he will be sacked. Those doing the sacking will also be sacked. Probably by a moose.

  2. The whole damn thing is a dream! A bloody dream! Like F’ing Lost and a whole season of Dynasty! Cheap trick Bran, you little jerk.

  3. Jon and Daenerys uncover their incest and just find “its their thing.” They go looking for other family members to join them so they can start a channel on YouPorn. Yuck.

  4. Have I mentioned that GRRM won’t finish the books? Dick. At least Robert Jordan made an effort.

  5. No one is The Prince Who Was Promised. No one is special. Sorry, blame it on The Last Jedi.

  6. The Night King smelt AND dealt it. He also supplied and denied.

  7. It will all end in tears. Keep your tissues handy my fangirls and boys.

  8. Is it April 17th yet? Ugh, I’m going back to bed with this bottle of scotch…

*Oops, were we being serious? Sorry, that’s not my bailiwick. Hope you enjoy my farce nonetheless. Want more of my odd humor? Go read Damn Heroes.

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