What do you think? And a free comic book

What do you think? And a free comic book.

This isn’t some bloody advert or prattle about the rigors of publishing. Simply, we humbly request you tell us what you want. Seriously.

What sort of topic would you like us to address in our upcoming bi-monthly newsletter?

How about these: making webcomics, making comic books, marketing, comic book convention stories, or anything you want. Hell, Mark makes beer and Alex is writing/illustrating a kid’s book.

We can try to do video tutorials. We can do confessionals. We can do reviews. What we really want is to reach you and provide something of quality that you enjoy.

Please hit us up on social media or use the contact form.

A free comic book. Just click the link.

We are offering a starter comic book. It is a pdf. Can’t be sending out print copies across the country. We are an indy after all. So here is a Dropbox link to Signed C: the missing Issue #1.


Signed Cover.jpg

Thanks everyone. We take all comments and contacts seriously but we will not reply to abusive statements. Silly, certainly. Abusive and derogatory, no.