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FlameCon 2017

This will be our third year at FlameCon and it's looking like it's going to be a great show.

We're going to be at Table 27 and will have copies of The Committee #2. James B. Emmett will also be there to sign them!

The Committee #2

The Doomsday Clock is now ticking down, requiring action lest the end of all things come. In search of the trigger, Meiriev and August journey to a small town and investigate the strange disappearance of all the adults. There they find a conflict with a demonic creature most foul. 

Thinking themselves safe within the confines of their headquarters, the remaining committee members are assailed by a Wendigo. Ana is able to dismiss the beast, but not before her comrades are gravely wounded.

It is in the aftermath of these battles we resume our story...

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We're also going to be featuring the trade of Signed C: The Missing and inFusion.

Signed C: The Missing - The Complete Trade

In the big city, young women fall prey to foul plots every day but few have a sorceress watching out for them. When a model disappears, her talent agent searches the known realms and in the process uncovers a plot that could undo the very order of the cosmos. Even magic might not be enough to prevail over her ancient foes. C: the missing follows Ceecee as she tracks down her missing client through myth, magic and mayhem.

Contains issues 1-6 of Signed C: The Missing

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One-shot by Joshua L.A. Jones

In this tale of space oddity, humans mine Helium 3 from gas giant planets throughout their inter-stellar colonies, and though plentiful, it drives their economies. Balloon-World space stations are placed in the upper atmospheres of He3 rich planets where hyper-velocity winds swirl and rampage. A human crew tends to the gas collection, administration, and external repairs of the hull called the Skin. A sleep-cheat and a daydreaming doctor must solve a mystery when the Wind-Striders, who repair the Skin, disappear and a deadly A.L.F. (alien life form) begins to attack. They must resolve the problematic equation or lose time, life, and worst of all for the corporate sponsors, money. A late second discovery is infused into the turmoil and a terrible choice must be made.

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See you there!

-The Wayward Raven Crew

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