Wolverine: In the Flesh #comicbooks

First of all, we would officially like to thank Marvel Comics for the privilege of working on Wolverine: In the Flesh and we would like to thank Chris Cosentino for agreeing to let us chime on his intriguing story. The process of what we did is something we can’t go into, but it sure was fun, and fun is why we write comics in the first place so we hope you have as much enjoyment reading the story as we did when reading Chef Cosentino’s script. Please pick up a copy of Wolverine: In the Flesh and revel in the  journey Logan and Chris take to stop a fiend bent on infamy. Sorry, I can’t say anymore without spoiling the plot but when claw and culinary craft meet... we are all in for a twisted treat.

Here’s a link to a Comic Book Resources with a 4 page preview:  http://www.comicbookresources.com/prev_img.php?pid=17424&pg=1

Pick it up at comic shop or through the Marvel website:



Joshua L. A Jones & Mark C. Frankel

Wolverine_In the Flesh