Year in review, in quiet reflection, in excess.

May your shopping be done and your time with family suited in these chilly days where some call them holy. Get it. That's my long and drawn out way of saying Happy Holidays since some people get a twist in their shorts when such is uttered but that's okay. They don't even know the true source of their festival days or meaning of... Yeah. I'm going to stop here since none of you need a mythology or history lesson, at least not in this fashion, so instead here's a quick visual representation of what happened this year: part one. [BTW, all the comics below can be purchased as print copies in the Shop]


The Duke of Hell named Cail rose out of the pit and sold pretty damn well at every convention we attended.

Ascendant Cover_resized Drive Thru


Here's the the thing, Cail needed some more angle to his dangle so he got a new artist to manifest his will. Pretty stoked about this. Here's a sample from the artist Eric Herr. (This dude is going to be big one day.)



So Horsemen did pretty well at cons too, but....

Horsemen cover_Drive Thru

... having only one issue seemed to hinder people's choices, but that has been rectified. This next image is from issue number two and new artist extraordinaire James Beihl, who we are proud to have aboard.

inkHORSEMANP4 copy

So then the newest series under the Signed helm launched at NYCC. This would be C: the missing. FYI, Signed is an meta-title like Fables that encompasses an entire world of which C: the missing is a part. There will be more stories in this world soon, some have already been written, but all share underlying themes and some characters frequent multiple arcs.   

signed c cover 1 copy

Yeah. I suck fail at this endeavor of  images thing. Couldn't find the proper cover so I posted the one without the logo. Sorry so here's an bonus pic and some images from issue two.


C Page 20 copy



Signed Issue 3 Cover

By the way, Wayne Brown is the primary artist for Signed--C: the missing, and to put it bluntly, rocking it on all fronts.

The Damn Heroes activity book is such fun for when you're not online reading the free Damn Heroes webcomic: and it sold well, but we have a few around that can be conveyed by post if you want to buy one in the Shop. We'll even make Alex sign it.


Ominous Odes and The Cell didn't perform as well as the comics at the conventions, but unless you're going to NYCC, one is probably not thinking about buying fantasy novels or a short story collection, which is why I was impressed with how many we did actually push along into the world at the smaller cons. Again, go to Books up above if you want to buy these fine examples of prose or just check them out. Mark has a couple signed copies of Ominous Odes around and I'm sure he'll send you one if you buy it directly through the Shop instead of a link to Amazon.


Any and all products above are available through the Shop or through links to distributors on the Books page. Sadly, only The Ascendant #1 is up on Comixology right now   but #2 is in the queue and so are Horsemen and Signed- C: the missing.

More issues of each series are on the way. We thanks all the people the readers who bought copies as it was energizing and moved us forward in this very competitive business where the guys just starting out can get lost in the flood of sight and sound funded by large scale marketing campaigns. Nothing wrong with big time marketing, we just can't allocate funds for that at present. But you don't want to hear about that. You want fun. Here are some pics from our adventures in the con life. Editor's choice.

This was the best Firefly cosplayer in Philly.



Alex is on the left. Yes, the left. It was right before we sent him off on the Rites of Ascension... with painsticks of course.

2013-05-30 16.30.24


So wanted to get in TARDIS but there was no time to lord around. Calling Doctor...



The luxury of hotel rooms. Exhibiting at cons isn't all fun and games.

2013-08-02 23.51.31

Setting up isn't joyous.

2013-08-03 10.33.58

But know, we do it because we love.

This was worst Firefly cosplayer, or best depending on point of view, in Philly.



We got to meet the crew manning the Surreality table such as Caleb King and Amanda Bolin. She knew how to deal with Alex right off the bat. (Sorry for the puns people. I have a problem.)



Sith Lord Chip.




This was the table and yes. That's the Mystery Machine behind us.



Not a con pic, but it says a lot about us. That's at the Two Roads Brewery in CT.

316_Two Roads_Josh

And here's the Boston Comic-Con 2013. It was brilliant.

Barf won. He did the dance.




And the members three.



Someone met a Hobbit.

2013-08-04 16.35.15

Here's ComiCONN in Trumbull, CT.






And beast of the east, NYCC





And Wayward Raven meets Amanda again from the Surreality crew.



2013-10-13 13.47.21


2013-10-12 16.35.34


2013-10-11 15.21.58

We have tons of pics in the Photo section of this site, so if you want to see more, please investigate. We encourage it.

Also, Mark and Josh got to work on a Wolverine one-shot and it finally came out this year. So that was cool too.


Here's the cover of the book.

Wolverine_In the Flesh

So Happy Holidays! Hope you don't need this to see you through...

2013-10-11 17.23.55

... and there is much coming over the next year. Lots of new issues of our established series and new series themselves will be born. The convention schedule is interesting and we will be going to many we haven't been to before in any capacity. Thanks again for your support. If you can't afford to buy any of our stuff at this time, there is a Free page on this site that contains ebooks. Hope the new year bends to your will and wants.

Ars longa, viate brevis.