Cheers! Cheap entertainment: zombies, Santa and superheroes

Well this time of year can glaze the eyes and deafen the ears with all the sights and sounds of shopping as well as give you an ache in the pit of your stomach when seeing the prices for entertainment products. That's why we are providing a bit of online relief with free and cheap avenues of distraction.

First, the webcomic Damn Heroes is always free and has a nice amount of strips in the archive so you can spend an hour just clicking through and having a jolly old Santa like chuckle. If you wish, you can always buy Damn Heroes merchandise but your laughter is the greatest reward.

Second, we have a Free section here on the site. Just look above. Or click here. There is a free coming-of-age ebook novel called The Excess Road and a short story. Not comic book related but entertaining nonetheless.

Third, our comic books The Ascendant, Horsemen and Signed are all $3.99 in our Shop page and we will even put the author's autograph on it if you want, no charge. Just click through the comics section, and if you like any book, you can order a print copy by clicking the on the Shop page tab but if you want a digital copy just click the links below the comic book descriptions

Last, if you are in the mood for a twisted guffaw, a satirical short story involving Santa and zombies by Joshua is on Amazon titled Santa's a Zombie?

There are elves with guns, a zombie plague, and a race to save Christmas. Only $0.99 for Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, you can download an app from Amazon that allows you to read their ebooks on other devices.

May the holidays be filled with family, fun and feasting as well as wine and beer too if you're old enough.


Ars longa, viate brevis.