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Please read this description taken from the Retrovirus page on Kickstarter and give generously. This idea is well worth the minimum of a $5 donation and the perks are pretty cool. Help Zoe save the world.

Quoted material from the Kickstarter website:

 Hey friends, 

The plan here is to raise enough money to get the RETROVIRUS graphic novel published this fall. We will be using the money from the pledge incentives to pay for the production of the book. We are looking towards the ever growing community of fans of the graphic novel format to support this project like you did for our very successful QUEEN CRAB kickstarter project. 
The video above features work in production from the book itself. I did not do a voice over this time because the art can speak for itself and the story is below. Yes, I cannot stand the sound of my own voice. On to the book itself...
In the vein of Andromeda Strain, Altered States and Jurassic Park, Retrovirus seamlessly blends human drama, action, science fiction and horror in a 58 page graphic novel written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray [ Queen Crab, Jonah Hex, Triggergirl 6]  and illustrated by Norberto [ the tattered man] Fernandez. Design and lettering will be by Bill Tortolini, our guy on Creator-Owned heroes and Queen Crab. 
This will be collected into a hardcover edition, and is for MATURE audiences. 
The cover will be done by the award winning artist AMANDA CONNER.

THE STORY:  When Zoe, a brilliant young scientist who specializes in identifying extinct viruses is offered a job away from the city at a remote research facility in Antarctica, she soon discovers her employer has unearthed a perfectly preserved Neanderthal. That is only one of the many dark secrets lurking at the facility as Zoe races against time to stop a global pandemic.
 We sure hope there is something for everyone in the pledge catagories.
And again, thanks in advance. We know you can spend your hard earned dollars just about anywhere else, so we are doing our best to give you all the best work possible.
Jimmy, Justin and Nomberto.

So ends the quoted material.
BTW, Jimmy Palmiotti is skilled writer and is generous with his time when contacted. He replies to tweets unlike some who will remain nameless. Rock on. Give. Click this link