Polymer Envy... poem

Polymer Envy

Melted, formed, imprinted purposes
Momentary freedom instantly purchased
A zip and a current of electrons and digits
Fake flowers, twine, medications and power
Something unseen, seemed distant and unreal
Processes unaware, systems don’t care, unfeeling
Accumulate, accrue, accept the compounded problems
A polymer trap, spun into a fine fibrous web
Celluloid superstitions projected, reflected, absorbed
Serial celebrity promising, reassuring, absent
Wishes and aspirations evaporated and vented
Nothing is larger than life…
Thin laminated screens and light flat consoles
Commerce adverted, three minutes, credits
Operas of the ridiculous and heroes of pretenders
Respect the projection, instead of the reflection
Moving walls and windows whispering wishes…
Aspirations aspirated, spiritus asper
A cut, tuck, snip a slice and now everything is nice
Or what others saw in the mirror and smashed it
Dolls of human frailty share true similarity
The spin doctors weave threads of Teflon fiber
Silicon survivors, a simple insecurity may kill
On a vanity a doll rests
Prosthetic, unnecessary posing, positioning to polymers
Plagiarism of porcelain masks and figurines
Film featuring fraudulent faces grimace and gleam
Garrisons of gleeful drama and uplifting idiocy
Plastic people playing on soulless celluloid and screens
Perpetuating pathetic projections without responsibility
Illumination of electric fluidity and radiation entertainment
Traveling at the speed of invention, overwhelming information blooms
Distillates, isomers, refraction contraption enlightens the heavens
Resistant to rust and some flames, fire resistant extinguishers
Cultivated toxins as mistaken panaceas, a synthetic lifestyle
Leading to synthesis, symbiosis---evolution in the
Process the small ripples get lost in the proceeding waves
Of delusion. 
To sell the synthetic to the synthetic?
To create the more consistent synthetic aesthetic
because they don’t
Believe in their owned authenticity
Remiss we will see permutation of disparate disparities
Money a creation, plastic credit inventors, insecure ideals of beauty
Caused by what?  Celebrity and misery certainly
Cleft palate is one thing,
But to have surgery to just fix a bump on your nose?