Friday Night Lights - Podcasting with Panel 2 Panel

Just a quick note from the Wayward Raven crew. We will be recording a podcast tonight around 10:00 pm. The details and links will be posted as soon as we are allowed. In the meantime, we can tell you that the fantastic Julz Hendricks from Panel 2 Panel hooked us in on this line and we're happy to be reeled into the boat. She also writes for Bleeding Cool.

The tackle box to be opened on this trip will contain insightful questions revolving around our comic books and the influences that pushed them along as well as our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. There will probably be talk of serious concern regarding characters and the business side of comic books, but there will be most certainly be mirth. One of us is a bit of a grump when it gets around his bedtime (we're looking at you Josh). Perhaps some booze will help. The ribaldry promises to be quite amusing.

The podcast will be mentioned in Bleeding Cool, which would be cool even without the bleeding part.

We hope we don't disappoint. Stay tuned for more!

Just for fun, here's a random picture from our archive.

2013-10-13 15.05.37