#NewComicBookDay and #Kickstarter

Hello one and all. We do hope your New Comic Book Day is one of riveting tales and fantastic journeys. We're going to be hitting up some stores as well and picking up our favorite titles. Some of our favorites are Chew, Morning Glories, Saga, and Skull Kickers along with myriad Marvel and DC lines.  Oops, can't forget Hell Boy and all the good stuff Dark Horse puts out. As for our Kickstarter campaign, it is going well but we haven't reached our goal yet. So you know, the campaign is for Signed C: the missing #2 and it is in the can. It's ready, set and go for the printer. Please don't worry about rewards. We won't flake or skip out. Seriously, I know people are concerned and we assure you that all rewards will be met.

You can make Signed C: the missing come to life and make manifest dreams of writers, artists and we wayward ravens.  Here's some pages from the finished book.









Please help us soar by contributing to our Kickstarter. We are forever grateful...  http://wwraven.com/1oMDgCm