Talking Comics and Kickstarter on The Nerd's Domain Podcast

Nerd's Domain Podcast Matt Quiett from The Nerd's Domain Podcast was nice enough to ask Alex and Mark on the show to discuss Wayward Raven and our current Kickstarter for Signed C: the missing. We had a fantastic time talking about some of the stuff that makes us geek out as well as some never before mentioned projects we are working on. We'll also talk about our thoughts on the project, where the money will go and how we want to make it as accessible as possible to comic book fans. Alex even slips up and acknowledges the Mark knows how to write (shhhhh....).

If you haven't listened to The Nerd's Domain, we highly recommend checking it out (go ahead, click the link. You KNOW you want to...). Cool, low key podcast with some fun and insightful questions. The whole thing comes in at just over 30 minutes, plenty of time to listen to on your ride home or your lunch break. Hope you have a listen and enjoy it!


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