How to Survive NYCC - Part 2

We continue Josh's list of tips on How to Survive NYCC. If you missed the previous installment, you should check that out.

4) Check the weather before getting dressed

How To Survive NYC | Flooded Car

Attire: comfortable and with opportunity for adaption. NYC in October is a surly and cantankerous variable. The morning can be comfortable for Frost Giants but by the afternoon you'll need to be Hellboy to enjoy it. So bring a light jacket in the morning, one you can stash in a backpack or tie around your waist, and wear cotton that breathes nicely. As for cosplayers, you're sh*t out of luck ;)

Also, the lines are vast and foot traffic moves very slow so  breaking in those new shoes is a bad idea. Whatever kicks you don, make sure they are comfortable for walking and standing around for a long, long time.

[note: if you are going to wear perfume or cologne, in moderation please. We know you want to smell pretty or musky, or whatever sensibilities that threads itself through your perception, but if people start blinking rapidly in your presence or flies wings' shrivel as they plummet to the ground, you might have applied more than the desired amount. Also, showers are your friend... and ours.]

5)Plan for panels

Panels fill up quick. Use the NYCC website and create a guide. Most artists will be at their tables in Artist Alley most of the time so it's not the end of the world if you miss one of the exclusive panels. Be prepared to wait in line though and plan on adding 30 minutes so you can get there on time as you will need to navigate the throngs and thick crowds that will inevitably get in your way. We recommend bring some light reading, digital comics perhaps. Maybe like ours on ComiXology?

6) Cash Rules Everything Around You

Save some cash for Sunday. We know you need to put aside the money to grab art from Greg Capullo or Skottie Young right when the doors open, but on Sunday there are deals to be made. Most vendors want to leave as light as they can. Might get a nice discount. We do it.

7) Be Nice. And Patient. And Respectful.

Yes, there is a ton of cool stuff to see and do. We promise you'll get to enjoy more than your fair share. In fact, expect to go home feeling exhausted and overstimulated. You cannot possibly see and do it all.

With that in mind, remember everyone else wants to have a good time too. Don't push and shove. Watch where you are going, be respectful of the booths and tables that the exhibitors have spent so much time preparing for your enjoyment. Don't do stuff you wouldn't do in a normal setting. Ask that nice cosplayer if you can take a picture. And no, don't take it of her (or his) butt when he/she isn't looking. Before doing something, ask yourself if you do that in your home town. If the answer is no, shut that behavior down ASAP.

Basically, just be cool to everyone and we promise they will be cool to you.

8) Make Friends

You're going to make friends if you play your cards right. Everyone who attends a NYCC is there to share their love of comics, so don't be afraid to mingle or say hi to someone who loves what you love.

If you're a bit nervous, stop by Booth 1266 in the Small Press. That's where you'll find us, Wayward Raven Media, and we'd be happy to talk with you. We'll be right by Marvel's booth, so you can't miss us.

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Ars longa, vitae brevis!

-The Wayward Raven Crew