How to Survive NYCC: tips to Survive and Thrive at NYCC 2014

We want to help you survive and thrive at the upcoming NYCC 2014, otherwise known as New York Comic Con, with a few tips. It is the premiere event on the east coast and is, in a word, HUGE. Not only do the complexities of the event itself make for an overwhelming experience for those unacquainted with the enormity, it is also in Manhattan, which is in itself an event that occurs everyday. So, we decided to share a few things we've learned over the years that might help you navigate this world of wonder.

1) Travel: learn the ways of the subway.

how to survive nycc | MTA Map

It will save you on cab fare. But  east to west travel is mostly on foot, so avoid the Theater District in Midtown on the weekend. A safe way to think of it is to avoid anything between 6th and 7th avenue and 35th to 47th street. Remember, streets are east to west and avenues are north to south. Though Broadway follows its own path of meander. This is advice for if you wish to move swiftly. If not, go wherever you please.

2) You don't have to stay in Manhattan

If you've already booked a room, then this tip isn't for you. NYC is an expensive city, and if you can hunker down with a friend, that is the most thrifty of choices. But, if you don't mind a minor commute in the morning, there is an option that could save you hundreds of bucks a night. That is take the train out to NJ or to Westchester County, NY. NJ is accessible by way of Penn Station, (just below Madison Square Garden). You also have the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd Street. Both are just a few blocks from the Javit's Center where NYCC is being held. Find a town along the NJ Transit rail lines and look for a economy hotel/motel. Instead of spending $320 a night at a Marriot in Midtown, you could find a Red Rood Inn or something of the sort for probably around $150 a night. Same goes for Westchester County, NY. Look at the stations for towns along the New Haven or Hudson lines for the Metro-North railways. A thirty minute ride could save you a lot. Don't go into CT though. It starts getting more expensive once you are in the Nutmeg State.

3) Don't starve

Food is difficult thing to tackle. There are just too many choices but Yelp can help. But a better thing to do is follow C.B. Cebulski on Twitter. He is intimately acquainted with the NY food scene and offers tips. He also works for Marvel so you can get info on their NYCC events too. Normally, he issues or passes along a food guide to NYCC and they are most helpful. As for hydration, pick up water or energy drinks from the numerous Duane Reade stores near the convention center. Smaller deli's and such will cost more. You can buy beer if you want too but we don't promote the idea of going to conventions drunk. That can cause some problems you probably don't want to get into.  C.B.'s Twitter handle is @CBCebulski and he has a food blog called

4) Stop by Our Booth

We at Wayward Raven Media do hope you have a glorious time at NYCC 2014. It will take effort but it will be worth it. We are located on the show floor at Booth 1266 in the Small Press section right next to Marvel, so please swing by and say hi. Mention this post and get $1 off anything we have. Most importantly... have fun!!

We will post about the New York ComicCon 2014 on here and also on our Facebook page as well as on Twitter at @waywardraven

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And, another fun thing to read while in line at NYCC is the webcomic Damn Heroes

Feel free to checkout our shop that has some, but not all, of our offerings at NYCC.

Ars longa, vitae brevis!

-The Wayward Raven Crew