It's Friday! Let's celebrate!

And what's the best way to celebrate Friday? Why, you should give us your paycheck! Okay, okay, not the whole thing, maybe just a small piece. Really, for just the price of a cup of coffee*, you can sponsor three poor, starving artists (hey, it's lunchtime, of course we're starving!) as they live out their dreams of bringing you great comics and other content. How do you do that, you ask? That's easy! Just check out our Shop page where you will find great titles like the ones you see below and some cool gear too. For those of you who prefer to read on your iPads and mobile devices, you can get our content on comiXology too!

Signed Cover

Horsemen cover_Drive Thru

Ascendant Cover_resized Drive Thru







So go ahead and click those links, you know you want to. Don't make us pull out the big guns and show you our puppy dog eyes...Well okay, but you asked for it!










See, we told you we would do it! Now please, give generously. After all, think of the artists! Thanks for your support!

-The Wayward Raven Crew

*Price of coffee may vary based on supply and demand and location. Here in the NYC metro area that's like a bazillion dollars, so what we're asking for a book really ain't that bad. Seriously.