Lines, a new scifi novel. Serialized.

Lines by Joshua L.A. Jones


Chapter 1


When an economic clan in a Homo Cyberian future is torn apart by subterfuge and greed, two brothers remain to piece back their lost prestige. They could never know that powerful entity had set the stage and they are players in a game to undo its mistakes. Along the way, a new member of their family joins, not one of warm flesh but hot artificial flame, and history changes.

And there's a love story or two. A new chapter will come for the next 35 weeks. Enjoy! 

From Joshua Lee Andrew Jones (author).

And so it goes... the first chapter of this scifi novel.

Chapter 1: Bloodlines.

The tempo surges, the last measure soon will play, as a Euphoricom algorithm cascades through the sensorium of the masked dancers caught in the cotillion’s Rapture-Program prompt. Holographic cherubim above sprinkle sparkles of light down on the guests. Warm tingles and sexual excitement bloom in those who allowed the Conductor Artificial Intelligence to curate their experience and each dance partner lock eyes through narrow eye slits of the enamel masks made of glass some adorned with peacock feathers and precious gems while others were totems to animals now extinct.

A man in a wolf mask pulls his petit partner aside as she adjusts her ornate peacock headdress and waves to a servitor to bring a tray of champagne. They lift glasses off the electrum tray and sip. The waist- tall robot with multi-jointed arms zips away fast through the crowd and the man watches hoping to see a collision, but another spectacle garners his attention. Through the eye sockets of the lupine mask, the man’s pupils widen at a sight taking place in the only open space on the dancefloor. He taps his date on the shoulder and points. She pivots in time to see a woman turned away towards the main exit holding her hands across her face. Two men stand facing each other.          


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