How to Survive NYC Part 2 - Where to eat in NYC

Yesterday we gave you a run down on how to survive the NYC subway and taxi systems. Today, we're going to continue our survival guides with a rundown of where to eat in NYC, if you're visiting. It's my assumption that you're in NYC for New York Comic Con, so I'm going to give you the lowdown on what's in the area, because you're probably going to want to avoid eating at the actual convention center. It's too pricy and the food isn't too good.

In a rush?

So if you're at the con, and you're starting to get a bit peckish, the only thing you'll find are some food vendors right outside the convention center. If you've never had a New York dirty water dog (it's just the name, they clean it!), now's the time. Be warned, they're going to jack the price since it's a convention, but you knew that coming in.

If you're on the south side of the convention center, say 34th Street, just walk on East over towards 10th Avenue. There's a Duane Reade where you can pick ukp snacks, or a McDonalds over on 9th where you can sit dow and grab a bite on a budget.

If you're closer to the north side, say 40th street, you're pretty close to Hell's Kitchen (Daredevil fans should know this one). This place has more of a sit down and eat vibe, but there's two pretty decent dollar pizza places nearby.

Dollar Pizza | Where to Eat in NYC

Don't knock dollar pizza. It's pretty good and it's only a buck a slice!

The downside is you're going to have to walk through some pretty nasty industrial areas to get to it, so you'll feel like you're getting lost.

If you're coming from Penn Station, or on your way to the convention center, I'd recommend Best Bagel and Coffee. They're near the subway so it's best to stop here before going home, or before going to the con.

Sit down and eat

If you've got the time to sit and eat, you're going to need to take a hike. Literally. The convention center is conveniently located far away from anything worth eating, which is why street vendors and the convention center charge a premium for food.

Don't fret though, there's some cool stuff that's relatively close.

If you're walking towards 9th Avenue on 34th, you'll spot a McDonalds, which isn't bad if you're in a rush or on a budget. There's also some diners in the area like Skyline. They're not that great, but they're reasonably priced and close.

If you really want to enjoy a good meal, pop over to 9th or 10th and head uptown (towards bigger numbers equals up, lower equals down). You'll find a slew of fun restaurants and bars that way (perfect after a day of enjoying the con).

Late Night Eats

Here's where things get interesting. NYC is known for great late night eats, and there's way to many to list here, so I'm just going to point out some of my favorites.

You're going to be by the convention center, so you're close to Hell's Kitchen in the north. This is where most people from the con are going to be.

Gotham West Market | Where to eat in NYC

If you head north from the convention center, go to Gotham West Market. There's a good chance you'll spot us there during the weekend. Great variety, great beer and cool people.

Head over to 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen and you'll get a taste of the Theater crowd and a great selection of sit down dining.

One of my favorite places is simply called Turkish Cuisine, located on 9th between 45th and 44th. It's rather small, and intimate but the food is excellent. Don't recommend it if your'e on a diet, because they drown everything in sauce and cream.

Beer Beer Beer Beer

Nothing tops off the evening like a good brew and good friends. Hell's Kitchen is where the theater crowd comes to play after a show, and you're in good company. There's a few places I'd recommend depending on the crowd you're looking to be around. Obviously, keep an eye out for cosplayers or attendees if that's the crowd you want to mingle with.

My personal favorite is Rudy's Bar and Grill. It's a dive, but it's got a lot of memories for me. Be warned, it can get pretty tight in there. They serve cheap pitchers with free hot dogs, so you tend to get a bit of a college age crowd.

Over on 44th and 8th, there's New York Beer Company, which I recommend if you're really into beer. Their selection is fantastic, but it's not as full of the bridge and tunnel crowd like Beer Authority over by the Port Authority.

Where to Eat in NYC | Pony Bar

For true fans of craft beer, just head straight to Pony Bar on 45th and 10th Ave. If you're traveling with anyone who only drinks Bud or Coors or (ick...) Corona you probably should just have them wait for you outside or send them home. Again, you might just find us here, debating on what craft beer we're going to try next.

More on Street Food

If you're in NYC for the week, and are willing to travel, I recommend trying out some of our glorious street food. There's one in particular which is hard to find, but if you do, you'll love it.

Waffles and Dinges

Mark tends to eat two or three of these things in one sitting, and then we have to cart him back to the office.

Enjoy your stay

Again, if you're at the convention center, stop by Booth 1266 and say hi. If you're nice, maybe we'll take you to some of the places that we felt were too good to share on this list.

Now I'm getting hungry.


Be sure to check out Marvel's own C.B. Cebulski's food blog EATAKU. He's got some great food spots tagged for NYC on his blog.

For those that trust Yelp, here's their opinion of what's good in the area.