Upcoming comic books #sneakpeek

Spring is upon us. For some it doesn't feel like it but now is the time for cleaning out the winter and moving on to new growth. There will be no waxing philosophy or grand attempts at poetry in this post. We do comic books and that's what you want to see so without further ado... here's are some pages from upcoming releases. Signed C: the missing.

C_3_page 9


C_3_ink_page 11


C_2_Page 20


The Ascendant:







(FYI, the book isn't in black and white. Those are inks that are yet to move onto the color stage)








The last page isn't from a new issue. It's there to show you there's a new artist involved with the project and that it will look differently than before.

Also the webcomic, Damn Heroes is updated all the time so please have a glance or two. http://damnheroes.com

FYI, we have more announcements coming regarding our convention schedule and about new projects we've taken on. I guess we can tell you now that we are doing a Kickstarter campaign in early April, the 9th to be exact if our launch is approved by then, and this will allow you to get first dibs on deals and special products that will be limited. They will only be offered for a scant amount of time as well.

Have a most outstanding day or night.

Ars longa, vitae brevis.