Today's poem: BLOOM


Delicate streamline tendrils holding firmly into familiar soil
A stable flexible base to stand in the rain and unrelenting zephyrs
A staff of veins and smooth shiny skin reflecting and absorbing
The individual coming together as the collective organism
Each process and purpose in sequence and balance
A simple saturation of sunlight as strength
but shade is comforting in the heat of midday
When Hyperion is at zenith and projects and radiates the cosmic wind
the stem grows straight as the leaves extend to embrace Tellus
Petals spun in beauty’s loom and fragility’s thread
remind the elements of the persistent instinct
The eventualities of withering and desiccation of form
exist in the certainty of winter imbuing the frail fabric
A scent wafting, permeating all inquiring olfactory beings
drawing each closer to be present in the full potential, efflorescence
of the aromatic sensations and memories created and stored
its effect momentary, the intended eternal aim is true
Pistil, Sepal, Stamen, Anther, Pollen, Pollinium, Pedicel, transportation
is an act of desperation and never assured by numbers
The petals discolor, leaves recoil and fall in sequence
to the greeting earth, where the worms wait in the first layers of soil.
The cold surrounds, halting all growth instantly
To cease to be annual or perennial, a determination of birth
Some fortuitous fruits are born in the perpetual summer
where the waves of rays may not lose intensity and frequency
so is the luck of the equatorial tropical zone
Where the winter’s wrath is never known