The Road to NYCC. Part 1. Mark Twain & Joshua.

Greetings from Joshua Lee Andrew Jones.

A fool and their folly seldom part but in this case, a fool imparted his folly with an ease only found in people with impacted bowels. This was the first time I have ever been recorded and it shows with my Bobby Brady like inflection. But, this is an introduction into coming events and what Mark Frankel and I have planned leading up to debuting his comic series The Ascendant and our Horsemen at the New York Comic Con in October. 

Doing videos is a necessary evil I have been putting off for too long, but I promise I will get better at it. BTW, I was quite tired at the moment as the heat and humidity was draining my strength. It's no excuse for poor showmanship but factors are factors. Luckily I had Samuel Clemens AKA Mark Twain for support.

Also, to clear things up concerning my mumbling, you about can look at Horsemen and The Ascendant here in the blog but you can also visit the Facebook pages. Horsemen: and The Ascendant:!/TheAscendantComic Please like the pages if you would.




PS: the novel I mentioned is The Excess Road and it is on Amazon here:

PSS: any producers out there in NYC want to read  some spec scripts of mine, give a shout. Got 5 up for grabs now.