The Ascendant Issue 2 is now on comiXology!

Cail's supernatural tale continues as The Ascendant issue 2 goes on sale at comiXology today! If you haven't read about the mordant demon of royal blood, now is a great time to start! Both The Ascendant issue 1 and The Ascendant issue 2 are marked down to the low price of $0.99 each. The Ascendant Issue 2

So what's it about?

After epochs of debauchery, a Duke of Hell named Cail escapes the underworld and masquerades as a human so he can send other denizens of the pit back where they belong before they cause an imbalance in the cosmos. Unfortunately for him, he has grown a conscience, the very worst thing a demon can do, and so becomes hunted himself...

The Ascendant Issue 2 finds Cail...

Book two finds Cail on the hunt in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius after entangling Dr. Faustus in his epic mission. Cail clashes with demon dogs and a mysterious  beauty. Then, the Duke of Hell discovers more powerful enemy and risks his very existence to vanquish the foe.

On this New Comic Book Day, we would most appreciate it if you took a peek and spread the word. Thanks for giving The Ascendant issue 2 a shot!

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

-The Wayward Raven Crew