Stretch Goal Number One Hit!

We just hit stretch goal number one! That means everyone who pledged $20 or more to our Signed C: Kickstarter gets a signed and numbered Damn Heroes comic strip to go along with all the other great stuff they will receive from us. Examples of some of the possible strips are shown below. With just three days left, let's keep the party going! We are going to unveil the next reward if we hit $2800! That's only $192 away! This one is going to go out to everyone who pledged at least $7 (hint: it is a dark and ominous thing).

We will also unveil more rewards at $3000. If we hit the $3500 mark, we will have a raffle that will include a one of a kind piece of artwork from Horsemen! Heck, we might even be persuaded to offer something else at the $3200 and $3400 mark.

Also, don't forget that referring friends brings even more rewards! Just see update 11.

Thanks keeping this thing rolling! You guys rock!

Ars longa, vitae brevis.

-The Wayward Raven Crew

strip-00019.color strip-00022.color strip-00051