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Here's a little video preview of the Horsemen comic that we are giving away through our Twitter contest.  Sorry but we don't have a video for The Ascendant yet but please click the link to the right in the quick contact box to access the Facebook Page for previews art and such. Here's a re-post of the rules just in case you missed it.


Welcome to Aegis Creative Enterprises digital comic book giveaway contest for Twitter!!! We will be giving one digital comic book (either The Ascendant or Horsemen) of the winner's choice away per day.
Tweet or RT the following: New digital #comicbooks Horsemen & The Ascendant available: #ACEcontest #AegisCreative.
For every tweet or RT you will be entered to win one of our recently published digital comic books. You may tweet once per hour for a total of no more than 24 posts a day. Each winner will be notified via Twitter and asked for an email address to which the prize may be sent. Contestants are eligible to win twice during the length of the contest (once for each comic book). Contest ends 12:00 PM EST on October 2, 2012.
Winners will also receive a coupon code for Joshua L.A. Jones’ eBook The 
Excess Road


Happy tweeting and good luck.


Joshua and Mark