Sneak peek at Signed #comicbooks

Well these are a few of the inked pages from the new series Signed. Actually, Signed is an overall title given to a collective of story lines coming up but this post is about Signed: C. (This is a working title) Was going to post the colored pages but it appears there is an issue. Don't worry, they will be up sometime soon before we debut the series at the New York Comic-Con where we will be in the Small Press area. In Signed: C, a sorceress is also a talent agent in NYC and one of her clients goes missing so she ventures across the planes of existence to find her model client. When I say model, I mean one who poses for pictures. Plots from the sorceress's past bubble up, pop into her present, and could determine the future for mankind as well as the gods alike. So here's a sneak peek.