Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde, a novel.

Basically, go read this book if you haven't. The voice is lean and without too much exposition as to mirror the world Jasper creates, a world in which a color hierarchy has been created and much lacks color. And no one dares challenges it. Until....

It does start a tad slow but it is intriguing. And I'm glad he doesn't let the old " Show don't tell" BS get in his way. (Right now only successful authors can afford to do it but I'm glad they do. Just ask Lee Childs what he thinks of it) In my opinion, it's "Show but when appropriate Tell, if it enhances the text." In any case, Mr. Fforde is a wonderful writer and I don't say that without serious consideration. There are few wonderful writers.  

Actually, read all of his books. Happy reading.

PS: if you have any suggestions for speculative fiction, please comment and let us know. We're always out for a new good novel. Who knows, we might even review the book and pass it along our through our sphere of influence.