Review: The Amazing Spiderman

So tonight at midnight you can go grab yourself a bag of popcorn, a large Pepsi (no Coke, cheeseburger, cheeseburger), a box of jujyfruits (does anyone still eat those things? I think I still have one stuck in my teeth from E.T.) and a ticket to The Amazing Spiderman. Heck, buy one for your significant other too! As a guy who saw it on Thursday, I'm telling you to go see this movie.

I don't do spoilers. Sorry, I'd like to have the opportunity to be asked back next time Marvel makes a flick, but I will give you some generalities. I’ll spot you one small one though – yes there is an extra scene partway through the credits. And no, I won’t tell you what it is, please don’t ask.

Okay, so the movie. For starters, if you have a choice between 2D and 3D, go to the 3D! Yes, there was a time when you had to wear funny red and blue lenses and it was just a hackneyed gag, but that is no longer the case. You will notice a difference for a moment or two and then your subconscious brain takes over and allows you to enjoy the cinematic masterpiece at a level you can't on a flat screen. I promise it is seamless and visually stunning!

How about the acting you ask? Ok, fair question. Andrew Garfield did a solid job as Peter, really allowing some of the teen angst any kid in high school would feel after losing both parents as a child, being mutated into something he doesn't understand and then watching the only father figure he really knew die. He sold me on an edger version of the webslinger, one that I could actually picture a beautiful blond female classmate fall for.

So how about Gwen Stacy you ask? I have to admit, before I saw the movie, Emma Stone wasn't how I pictured Ms. Stacy. My perception, however, changed once I saw her take to the role of a young woman who is smart and strong, yet also awkward like we all are at that age.

I really wanted to start chanting "Ole, ole, ole, ole" when I saw Rhys Ifans, but The Lizard was a great villain. I know the first of Spidey's foes we all think about is the Green Goblin, although I must admit I've always been partial to folks like the Lizard who try to do good, but still end up doing wrong. The CGI was great and it was cool that he actually looked like a humanoid lizard rather than a guy in a lizard suit.

And the rest of the cast? Denis Leary was hysterical in his gruff disbelieving way, Martin Sheen made for a really good Uncle Ben and Sally Field was a great choice for Aunt May. I just wish they had died her hair silver rather than a salt and pepper. That didn't stop her from putting on a great performance as Peter's #1 cheerleader though.

The movie has everything. Good timing, fast fun pace, some great jokes and a solid cast. So go get your spot in line now and enjoy the movie!