NYCC Cosplay pics: Enjoy.

Since the poem/photo post bombed, I'm just going to keep it simple and post some picture from the New York Comic-Con for your viewing pleasure.

Guess who?

Macho Man Randy Savage was a favorite and the dude had his mannerisms down.

The theme song to Super Mario bros. was going through my head all day.

This was an elegant costume and her makeup was perfect. The hair sold it though.

Back to the Future meets Beetlejuice as Marty McFly was right on time and we didn't even have to say Beetlejuice three times to get him to appear.

It's Grey Becker picking a winner of the t-shirt raffle. He looks so happy doesn't he? Why my face is squished up? I have no idea.

A bit of the old Red, White and Blue. I don't think that's regulation for Captain America but we'll let it slide. This time.

Her colored contacts were creepy but then again not many dudes were looking at her eyes.

Yes I know it's not at the con, but I'm proud of my dog Ziggy as he qualified for Westminster.

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