Missed us at NYCC?

So you missed us at NYCC, huh? Either the sheer overwhelming chaos, great panels, killer cosplay and all the shiny stuff distracted you or you weren't able to make it this year. That's okay, we won't hold it against you (heck, it was tough enough to keep Mark in one place and Alex couldn't wait to spend his hard earned cash). Don't fret, we have a solution! Signed Cover

Whether you missed the launch of the new Signed series, wanted to pick up one of our other books or just grab some fresh gear, it isn't too late. All of our products are now online and can easily be found on our new shop page. No longer will you be forced to wait to see us at our next appearence (unless of course you're in to that kind of thing. We hope you are, we like seeing you folks). Through the beauty of the Internet, we'll now send stuff right to your door (waaaaay better than QVC or a letter from some guy in Nigeria with winning lotto numbers). We'll even make our guys sign your shiny new stuff.

If you did miss out on the fun, we've got plenty of pictures in our photos page too. See yourself there? Let us know and we'll make Alex link it to your site. Looking forward to seeing all of you guys at the next one. Thanks for your support!

-The Wayward Raven Crew