Kickstarter for Horsemen. Help them ride.

And so it begins with a cry out in the desert that longs to be replenished with life. Please help us give life to Horsemen.  Below is a link to the Kickstarter page where you can most generously assist the arts directly with contributions. And by arts, I mean us, but feel free to help as many independent creators as you like. And you can get exclusive merchandise.

Horsemen is an SciFi adventure and a limited series comic book of 5 issues. This Kickstarter campaign only deals with the first issue. The money goes to pay the artists (penciler, inker, colorist, and letterer) and to pay for the print run so we can send out cool rewards. No money goes in our pocket (though I could use some) and any monies that go over our goal will be invested into the next issue.

About: The Horsemen are champions of freedom. They ride across time and space on cybernetic steeds to battle those who would oppose choice. The villain is a dualistic being named Fate and Destiny. But you ask... destiny is a good thing? Oh no. It is not. Destiny mean that life is predetermined. Your decisions are inconsequential. And this is what the villains want. They want to rule creation. They want to remake existence into a place where everyone does as they are told.

There's a video on the Kickstarter site so please click it and there's more info on the story there too. And as you might notice, we put our money where our mouth is as we've funded projects too. So give what you can and help us let the Horsemen ride across the collective imagination.

BTW, it's easy to donate. You just need an Amazon account. So simple.

Thank you.

Joshua and Mark