It's a great day to start a blog

Monday morning, day off from's a great day to start a blog. And like any good writer's blog, I started it with a conjuction, forcing myself to have to look up its vs it's. I always screw that one up. Somehow Josh remembers it better than I do.

So who the heck am I, and now that I mention it, who the heck is Josh? My name is Mark C. Frankel, I'm half of the AegisPub writing team. Joshua L. Jones is the other half. We formed AegisPub due to a shared interest in writing, comics and graphic novels. We have written several works together and are currently in the process of having them illustrated and ultimately published. The guy in the corner with the twin kamas is a character in our upcoming limited series, Horsemen. He was sketched by Chris Hanchey and colored by Rich Cardoso, two guys it has been a pleasure to work with on our projects.

So what is the purpose of the AegisPub blog you ask? Mostly for getting the word out on what we're doing and hopefully connecting with some great folks. You'll find posts from both Josh and myself here, hope you enjoy reading them. Feel free to drop us a line anytime with your thoughts. Thanks!