Horsemen is Now Available on Comixology

Yes, the scifi adventure comic book that launched Wayward Raven has arrived! The Horsemen is now available on Comixology, the top digital platform! It took a little time, but we promise it's worth the wait! Horsemen #1 is here for a mere $1.99. Horsemen is Now Available on ComixologyNot familiar with Horsemen? That's okay, here's a quick synopsis:

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance but it helps to have extra-terrestrials on your side. The Horsemen are a group of guardians saddled upon cybernetic steeds that gallop across the stars and protect the multi-verse from a totalitarian force that wishes to extinguish freewill throughout all space and time. Evil has plots within plots but the Horsemen will ride even when internal struggles arise.

Now that issue #1 of The Horsemen is available on Comixology, we're fired up to get the next issues into your hands as soon as possible! Hope you will give it a try! Buy Horsemen #1 on Comixology.

Also available on Comixology

Don't forget, if you like horror comics brewed in a dark mythology, The Ascendant #1 is also on ComiXology. It is marked down at a special introductory rate of only $0.99! The Ascendant Available on Comixology Buy The Ascendant #1 on Comixology.   Thanks for giving our stuff a look, we hope you enjoy it! -The Wayward Raven Crew