Horsemen #2 Is Now Available On ComiXology

The epic Horsemen story continues.  Horsemen #2 is for sale on comiXology for $1.99! The forces of Fate and Destiny are on the move in an effort to control all life in the universe. Gemna, the newly appointed Horseman of Death, and Perses, the Horseman of Destruction, ride to the Planet Proscenium to stop an evil plot and save a princess. Can the Horsemen win the contest or will yet another world fall into the hands of Fate and Destiny? Find out in Horsemen #2!

Horsemen 2 Available on comiXology

 Also available on comiXology

And don't miss the start of the adventure! With Death dead, what will the Horsemen do when Fate and Destiny's minions set their sites on Earth? See how Genma came to be the new Horsemen of Death and the horrible threat Fate and Destiny pose to our universe! Buy Horsemen #1 today! Or check out our other series, also all available on comiXology.

Horsemen 1 on comiXology

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