Horsemen 2 artwork preview

With the frost laden winds doomed to chill the sylvan climes and urban jungles alike, we decided to share our enthusiasms in an effort to warm your story loving soul. As you might know, James Biehl took over the reins of our Horsemen series and he is galloping along at a brisk pace. He has corralled and steadied the steads as he charges life with pen and ink. We are happy to have found our horse whisperer and know you will enjoy his equine artistry. So let us saddle up and ride through a few unfinished pages of Horsemen 2.

[Announcement: Wayward Raven Media might be doing a Kickstarter campaign. We would love to hear about what type of incentives you might like if we proceed. What makes you want to contribute to a campaign? Thanks. Sorry for the interruption.]

If you haven't read Horsemen 1 you can purchase it through our Shop page, and now, the art. First a pencil.

Horsemen 2 Preview

And now, two inked pages.

Horsemen 2 Preview

Horsemen 2 Preview

And for good measure, one last pencil page.

Horsemen 2 Preview

Hope you like what you trotted through, and regarding the announcement, please feel free to comment on this post about your Kickstarter opinions or tweet us @waywardraven

Thanks for using your precious time to look at this post.

Ars longa, vitae brevis.

-The Wayward Raven Crew